We are a young dynamic company established in 2016 operating primarily in Pharmaceutical, Food Supplement, OTC medication and dermo-cosmetic industries.

BIODESIS provides services in topics of:

  • Establishment of Corporate Strategy and Product Goals
  • Budgeting studies
  • Establishment and Management of Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Determination and Application of Sales Strategies
  • Sales enablement tactics and their applications
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Personal Development Trainings
  • Medical Sales Training.

BIODESIS provides customized, field applicable and repeatable consulting solutions to partners rather than just canned methodologies or theoretical work.

Our team consists of expert consultants with successful long careers in the industry.

Our Consultants:

Mustafa Aşıkoğlu
34 years of industry experience
Corporate Strategy, Sales and Marketing Expert

Dr. Berk Cantimur
23 years of industry experience
Medical, Product training and Marketing Expert

Hikmet Can Değirmenci
32 years of industry experience
Personal Development and Sales Enablement Expert

Kaya Bulut
28 years of industry experience
Human Resources and Conflict Management Expert


  1. Sales Management Consulting
  2. Marketing Consulting
  3. Medical Training Consulting
  4. Human Resources Consulting
  5. GMP Consulting